Ghostship Love

Adapted art.
One forever-after night
two launched their love toward a new dawn
under a mast born of a crimson, lovestruck sky.
Flags set, ribbons cut
their bottled fury smashed,
hopes renamed,
they set sail on salty tears
to a giant penny of broken promises
that hung on the horizon.

She, the captain’s lady, the mermaid Maille,

of the pearl-white brow and Rhodophyta hair
tacked to the prow,
his dream within a dream
her false awakening.

He, strong-armed at the helm
her Odysseus, Horatio fated to steer
a course to Goodwin Sands.

Lollygag mates with belladonna eyes
lush-hushed by seashell sounds
awash in the salt-sweat of night,
rocked to the roiling waves
to wake the dragon with green eyes
breathing the fausty scent of rival beds.
Bound by their slipshod knots
he soon broke free
to smoke the hull
from stem to stern
and drown all hands in animosity.
All hurts on deck fired
cannon shots of bitter memory
so fierce
the lover-stares boiled the sea,
and burned
the vessel, anchored to reef-sharp slights
aflame with blame
they who could not purge the past
bore once again the fated name
the Lady Lovibond

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