Computer Madness

TTFN, You Gods of Tech

How did life’s big question morph
into to ping or not to ping?
She died last week you cold, techno thing.
This LCD’s no window to the world,
or heaven
and my eyes and heart are blurring lines each screen page.
How can I pull myself up
if my bootstrap won’t engage?
Frozen in default, but seeking safe
or any mode that will behave.
Awash in What’s App-up now?
Sympathies from the world.
As pixel pix and download bits
worm into my little URL,
rolling in on micro-wood
as click-tap #snapchat madness-grief consume this girl.
I’m bugged, I’m glitched
yet I just bitch as all my still-a-liveware selfish worries twitch.
Zipped up, all a-twitter and linked out,
here @ # life’swalking404about
on a i18n ever-looping trip
to nowhere.

IRL there’s no backdoor
just my rotting FB memory store.
Of her. And I — or me — or I?
@teotd I want the world to Shrivel Up and Die.
All the algorithms, virch and AI lies.
I’m all timed out
my cache is full
in this uncanny veil.
Please, have a <3,
give me the secret code.
I’ll dance the two-step verify
to show them I am real.

So, TTFN, Gods of Tech
I’m wiping my trackers
to crash this cyber hell.
cause I’m going crackers
and I miss
my humanity.

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