Elvis, My Dad, and Macho Music Miracles

My dad’s old cowboy hat sits, perched high in my living room, atop the glass curio cabinet where I keep my life totems. My life so far, at least. The hat is Size 7 ½ medium. It’s 100 percent cotton corduroy. The color? Rugged bay brown.

The day I gave him that Christmas gift, my dad had been sober for years. After he tore into the crinkled newsprint wrapping, his black eyes lit up like a little kid’s. Continue reading “Elvis, My Dad, and Macho Music Miracles”

Ghostship Love

Adapted art.
One forever-after night
two launched their love toward a new dawn
under a mast born of a crimson, lovestruck sky.
Flags set, ribbons cut
their bottled fury smashed,
hopes renamed,
they set sail on salty tears
to a giant penny of broken promises
that hung on the horizon.

She, the captain’s lady, the mermaid Maille, Continue reading “Ghostship Love”


Goodbye, My Righteous Friend

I used to watch you, dear heart,
twinkle-eyed, always
your tender laugh
rang in Clair-du-Lune trickles,
each joyful, hot-tea morning.
As steam rose from the cup to my heart,
we sipped and laughed.
Two who stared down the breach,
to stand against all odds,
in the tick-tock of borrowed time Continue reading “Aretta”

To Dream, Perchance . . . of Placebo Sleep?

I have a confession. I have an embarrassing affliction.

One that happens in the bedroom. Now get your mind out of the gutter. My sleep is bonkers. I can count on one hand the number of nights since I was a kid that I slept seven hours in a row. I sleep walk, sleep talk and even sleep shop. Even my doctor gave up on me. When he diagnosed me with chronic sleepus interruptus, I zombied my way home Continue reading “To Dream, Perchance . . . of Placebo Sleep?”

Brain Fired Up

A recent Science Daily reported a study indicating people with ADHD respond differently when dealing with rewards. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/01/200117100257.htm

I think this explains a certain type of writer’s insanity. Witness a typical morning-cum-afternoon in one writer’s apartment.

Brain: Hey, personality. You need to read more about what’s going on in the world, they’re freaking impeaching The President. And finish that book about the boy in the plane crash. I don’t care if you think all literature is going to Hell. You better get groceries, soon, too, especially vegetables. Beets or something good.

 Personality: Is that my stomach making that noise Continue reading “Brain Fired Up”