Goodbye, My Righteous Friend

I used to watch you, dear heart,
twinkle-eyed, always
your tender laugh
rang in Clair-du-Lune trickles,
each joyful, hot-tea morning.
As steam rose from the cup to my heart,
we sipped and laughed.
Two who stared down the breach,
to stand against all odds,
in the tick-tock of borrowed time

You, an arc of orchids, who braved the breeze.
Me, a skipping s tone.
Arm in arm, in the face of second chances,
walking as one.
Your easy silence against my endless chatter,
in tip-toe blossom-buds, we stepped,
cushioned by lush grass.
Me, ever eager for the crunch of leaves,
you, to melt in blankets of snow.

Today, dear friend, you let go my hand.
While I gathered close in memory
the footfalls of our journey,
a breeze chilled my window sill,
to brush my tears
as the orchid blossoms fell bare.
Then your light, soft-rose in a quartz-circle, shone
and in the flicker, you were there.

“Spread wisdom like honey on a spoon.
Grab life when it greets you, hat in hand.
Soar like a hawk with quiet grace,
but land lightly like a dove.
Face truth as a treasure, not a battlefield.
Keep a tempered heart with an open mind.
Each dusk, make a promise to tomorrow’s sun.
And to remember me?

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