Take heed, dammit, and make way

one by one his led-footers march
over a weary nation’s dreams
the jackboot jumpstart
of the tyrant’s battle hymn
“all for one and one for none”
rings out like such a kick-ass song
for the ass-kickers, those strung along
by a despot’s maggoty whim Continue reading “COME THE FATED ON THE DAY”

Elvis, My Dad, and Macho Music Miracles

My dad’s old cowboy hat sits, perched high in my living room, atop the glass curio cabinet where I keep my life totems. My life so far, at least. The hat is Size 7 ½ medium. It’s 100 percent cotton corduroy. The color? Rugged bay brown.

The day I gave him that Christmas gift, my dad had been sober for years. After he tore into the crinkled newsprint wrapping, his black eyes lit up like a little kid’s. Continue reading “Elvis, My Dad, and Macho Music Miracles”

Them Fighting Words

Alejo Reinoso /Unsplash

When Lovers become Gunslingers

Tell me why, my tin-star, lover guy
we awake to clear, blessed, red dawns,
skin-to-skin with the safety on
and you kiss me, hard.
We tumble through the fever musk
in a bedchamber, bullet free
as you breath burns our bullshit sin
into milkweed wisps.
Dust in the wind. Continue reading “Them Fighting Words”

Ghostship Love

Adapted art.
One forever-after night
two launched their love toward a new dawn
under a mast born of a crimson, lovestruck sky.
Flags set, ribbons cut
their bottled fury smashed,
hopes renamed,
they set sail on salty tears
to a giant penny of broken promises
that hung on the horizon.

She, the captain’s lady, the mermaid Maille, Continue reading “Ghostship Love”


Goodbye, My Righteous Friend

I used to watch you, dear heart,
twinkle-eyed, always
your tender laugh
rang in Clair-du-Lune trickles,
each joyful, hot-tea morning.
As steam rose from the cup to my heart,
we sipped and laughed.
Two who stared down the breach,
to stand against all odds,
in the tick-tock of borrowed time Continue reading “Aretta”

To Dream, Perchance . . . of Placebo Sleep?

I have a confession. I have an embarrassing affliction.

One that happens in the bedroom. Now get your mind out of the gutter. My sleep is bonkers. I can count on one hand the number of nights since I was a kid that I slept seven hours in a row. I sleep walk, sleep talk and even sleep shop. Even my doctor gave up on me. When he diagnosed me with chronic sleepus interruptus, I zombied my way home Continue reading “To Dream, Perchance . . . of Placebo Sleep?”

Brain Fired Up

A recent Science Daily reported a study indicating people with ADHD respond differently when dealing with rewards.

I think this explains a certain type of writer’s insanity. Witness a typical morning-cum-afternoon in one writer’s apartment.

Brain: Hey, personality. You need to read more about what’s going on in the world, they’re freaking impeaching The President. And finish that book about the boy in the plane crash. I don’t care if you think all literature is going to Hell. You better get groceries, soon, too, especially vegetables. Beets or something good.

 Personality: Is that my stomach making that noise Continue reading “Brain Fired Up”